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 (Slovenia) - relations deteriorated with the moderator apparently having an apoplectic fit, demanding a content warning for claiming somewhat unexpectedly that this promotes violence and racism.

True, many Slovenians will copy any behaviour they see. Whether or not a pro-racist message is what most see, it was just a test pic, one of a few with which I was testing settings at and for this I was further accused of spamming for three sends containing the same link. I responded that this picture did not carry a content warning or elicit cries of racist or pro-violence when published in The Times. simply dodged my constructive debate such as the moderator stop being "like an old granny sitting kntting in a rocking chair waiting to pounce on anybody who tried to say something" which I think is fair comment.

In their very rude attack, say they are "not the Slovenian public Mastodon", don't like crosslinking, or Twitter, or people who defend themselves when called names by the moderator, "don't like" my content and urged me to "listen" to what the instance is supposedly about, and follow the righteous path or get booted out. Which I promptly was.

It's obvious this is a closed group for pronouncements by its anointed ones. Apparently any response except "Yes sir no sir thank you sir" is perceived as a rebel uprising and dealt with along Stalinist lines. I'm happy to see this service returned - thank you and its excellent moderator from Channel 3!

There was no reply to my query whether needs a violence content warning. Every Slovenian redneck village has one of these - without one. Overbearing rules for everyone and everything have apparently managed to keep throughput down to an anodyne trickle. I agree with the aims but not the methods.

 To be fair, Slovenian Twitter is an unpleasant hate-fest worth not replicating, but over-exertion of Popper's Paradox of Tolerance quickly collided with Slovenia's angry demeanour, dour humour, and pathetic lack of satire here in fighty-drunky-racist-land, which seems amply represented by this shrill, poorly-judged hamfistedness.

Having been estranged from racist parents, and several times the victim of unprovoked violence, including by racists, including in Ptuj, I was especially offended by's ignorant and dogmatic claims. If they repeat them anywhere anyone is likely to notice I will sue for defamation.

My necessarily brief encounter with suggests a generally humourless space where freedom of speech and comedy value meets even lower standards than Mr Musk's. So no use to me.