The revolution will not be televised, along with a bunch of other stuff...


  Do Slovene - To preserve the Slovenian identity it is vital to be able to say things about foreigners in a sneaky way. So Slovenians do not like to teach Slovene (although they will take money for looking like they do). This is a simple matter of having a lot of frameworks, missions, visions, consulting, conferences, foreign travel and buffets while doing the minimum necessary, and assuming someone else will take care of it. There's no plan. Foreigners not doing Slovene means Slovenia's media can go on talking about itself, to a captive audience. The laws against non-Slovenianness are important in ensuring media does not become overconcentrated in the hands of people who don't do Slovene. As it is illegal to run a business in Slovenia and deal with clients if you cannot speak the language Slovenia has no plan to teach you to speak, the introverted villagers who have created this law reign supreme. Are you excluded from Slovenia's so-called economy by language apartheid? Find out more and maybe help to develop our language channel's legal battle to legalise speakers of other languages in Slovenia.


Legal drugs - Historically, legal drugs have been the crappiest, most dangerous ones, suited to mass ignorance and a physical addictiveness capitalism likes. TV and demagogues both rely on emotional triggers. Forgetfulness, short attention spans and shallow analysis suit shallow politics as well as TV schedules just fine. The only thing they might disagree on is longevity risk. Follow the legalisation of cannabis and psychedelics as a century of lies is peeled away.


Poetry - Visit the archives of NPOSIALPU. Covering Slovenian history from the National Poet's British breakout to Brexit, 2005-2018. Including tales of the bad bank, theo-oligarchic happenings, censorship, pollution, accommodation, architecture, Town Smell, mayors, music and much, much more...

 Extrovert Slovenia channel - watching The Bill

The smell channel

The diagram channel - New to Slovenia? Everything will not be ok. Reduce time wasted and prevent expensive mistakes with these tips for newbies in an easily digestible pictorial format.

 Water - the water channel features the latest on drink spiking beyond Slovenian lands.


Mastodon -  the rude servers,  ridiculous moderator stories, privacy risks, your stories.